What Makes Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring Special

The public can always look for any particular event in the life of the royalties which is newsworthy. One of those life events that can never slip off and which people find very fascinating is royalty weddings and engagements. That’s why the engagement of Prince William and Princess Kate never escaped the news.

Princess Kate engagement ring and the story

It was October 2010 when Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged. They were on a 10-day trip to a wildlife conservancy where they also came to celebrate one of Prince William’s great achievements in the search and rescue field. What is more intriguing about this engagement is the ring that Prince William gave Kate. Unlike any other engagement rings that a woman can receive from a man, Princess Kate engagement ring is very special (if you want to know more about it, click to the link!).

This engagement ring given to Kate by Prince William had belonged to Princess Diana of Wales, the Prince’s late mother. What makes it more fascinating is that Princess Kate was able to wear this priceless ring with pure elegance just like the late Princess Diana. The ring has this simple design, but its stunning 18 carat sapphire stone with 14 beautiful diamonds around it makes it an excellent choice for a lovely engagement ring.

At the time of Prince Charles and Diana’s fairytale engagement and wedding ceremonies, there was an upsurge in many jewelry businesses especially when this engagement ring was already seen in public. Reports said that jewelry stores had numerous calls from customers who would like to have the same copy of ring. Since the original ring would cost more than hundreds of dollars just for the sapphire itself, the replicas created by jewelry stores match the design pieces but not the carats of the stones.

The intriguing part of Princess Kate’s engagement ring is that the ring was first reported to be in the possession of Prince Harry after Diana died. Harry was said to decide then to give the ring to his brother’s fiancé as a symbol of being England’s future queen. The exciting part of the engagement story is that Prince William has been carrying the ring all along their trip to Kenya for about three weeks before the engagement.

The story behind the ring is just one of the interesting pieces which make the sapphire ring very unique. However, looking back at history, Princess Kate’s engagement ring was one of the most famous jewelry pieces in history as it first was shown in public to complete the fairytale-like story of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Now that it was handed over to Princess Kate, it has again shown its stunning sparkle.

Either if you are a royal or just a plain commoner, it is definitely worth it to get an engagement ring that symbolizes you and your partner’s love for each other. These engagement rings should not only be meant for display or to amaze other people, but it should also be a reminder that you are soon to be part of someone else’s life and having a ring is just the beginning of sharing your life with that special person.